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Don Shepperd sezs:

For your info, the MISTY BOOK IS OUT!  I figure you can buy them for your friends or enemies, whichever list is longer.  Here is what I have put out so far and what the book (632 pages) is about - here's the PA release:

Misty : First Person Stories of the F-100 Fast FACs in the Vietnam War

Misty is a collection of first person stories of 155 fighter pilots who flew in a special Top Secret mission during the Vietnam War.  There has never been a book like this. These are personal stories are full of emotion, drama, tragedy and humor.  Over nine million Americans served during the Vietnam War.  Between 1-1.6 million were in combat, or regularly exposed to enemy attack. These are the stories of 155 men who were in heavy combat and shot at daily.  This is book of the personal experiences of the Misty Forward Air Controllers who flew as F-100 jet "Fast-FACs" over North Vietnam.  The Misty pilots often coped with danger, anger and frustration by employing irreverent gallows humor.  The authors use fighter pilot language.  These were difficult times in a long war.  The men in this book flew in the Vietnam War, when they were in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s.  They are now in their 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s.  These are their memories.  Join them as they attack SAM missile sites, AAA, truck parks and complete daring rescues of their downed comrades.  Combat pilots, POWs, Medal of Honor winners - strap in, hold on and enjoy the ride.

The "e-book and paperback" versions of Misty have been available for about three weeks and the hard back (called a "dust cover") is now also available [1/17/03].  You can order over the web by hitting this link (www.1stbooks.com) and typing in the book title, "Misty".

You may also contact 1st books (now "authorHOUSE") at:

1stBooks Library
1663 Liberty Drive (New Address)
Bloomington, Indiana 47403 USA
1-800-839-8640 (Toll Free)
1-812-339-6000 (Outside USA and Canada)
1-812-339-6554 (Fax)

Cheers - Shep

The Shepperd Group, Inc.
4729 E. Sunrise Drive #201
Bus 520-299-5710
Fax 520-299-5709
Mob 571-213-6926

You can now order MISTY from the publisher, 1stBooks.com (now AuthorHouse),
from Barnes&Noble, or Borders/Amazon, or from your local book stores.

ISBN: 0-7596-5253-8 (e-book)
ISBN: 0-7596-5254-6 (Paperback)
ISBN: 0-7596-5255-4 (Dustjacket)

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