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This is the 1st MISTY FAC Book (632 pages),
and the names are those of the Mistys in the
sequence that they joined the organization.

This book should be on every fighter pilot's coffee table
right beside the new Misty book, Bury Us Upside Down.

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All rights to the following excerpts are reserved.  Copyright 2000.  The individual stories are the property of the Misty authors.  Excerpts may not be reproduced in whole or in part, by mimeograph, or any other means, without permission.  For information contact:  The Shepperd Group, Inc. at Shepdonald@aol.com

Book Excerpt: The Risinger Raid
Book Excerpt:  The Kid on the Karst
Book Excerpt:  The Lance Sijan Story
Book Excerpt:  Joining Commando Sabre
Publisher:  1stBooks.com (now "authorHOUSE")
The publisher released all versions of the book as of 17 January 2003:
Electronic ($6.95), Paperback ($17.00), and Dustjacket ($25.50).
To buy at Amazon.com or another book outlet, search for Title=Misty and Author=Shepperd.

The 2nd Misty book by Rick Newman and Major General (ret) Don Shepperd
was released on 28 Feb 2006.  Click here to go to its website.

You can also order the books from Barnes&Noble,
Borders/Amazon, or from your local book stores.  

ISBN:  0-7596-5253-8 (e-book)
ISBN:  0-7596-5254-6 (Paperback)
ISBN:  0-7596-5255-4 (Dustjacket)

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