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21-25 October

Here's the after-action report from Jack Doub, 2009 Reunion CINC (click on a picture to enlarge):
With the largest turnout in years, the reunion was a great success!

I'll let P.J. provide a golf report, but it appeared the ladies showed the guys a thing or two this year!!
We had a windy evening, so the dinner cruise stayed in the inner bay and the cruise was smooth and most enjoyable.  And because Misty 02 [Bill Douglass] had to depart the fix on Saturday, we moved things up and had a busy Friday afternoon prior to the arrival of the CSAF for happy hour and dinner.
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A packed house viewed a draft of the documentary filmed in Oregon last year.  Generally, it was most well received and everyone seemed pleased with the results.
Mick discussed a financial problem the producers are having getting the video to market and we agreed to support their effort with our tax-deductible contributions; i.e., whatever each of us can spare.  Personally, I sent a $100 check to them today:
Spirit Productions
793 Orange Ave.
San Carlos, CA 94070
At the business meeting a ceremony for Bud at Goodfellow AFB next year was discussed.  Through the long time effort by Joe Caruso, it now appears there will be a dedication ceremony for a new domitory building at the base in May 2010.  (Joe will update us shortly.)  I will definitely attend!  Don't miss it. Click for a larger picture
Also, Shep suggested the Misty Fund, the non-profit fund, be closed and the funds distributed to worthy candidates of the board's choosing.  (The primary funding source, the funds from Shep's books, has slowed to a trickle as the normal lifespan of the books draws to a close.)  The members approved by vote.

Roger Van Dyken sent info about a Misty river cruise through Europe next year.  Dean Echenberg has all the info, including brochures.  More to follow.

Friday Nite Dinner:  The Chief of Staff, Air Force, Gen. Norton Schwartz and his wife Suzie, joined us for happy hour in the hospitality suite.  Bud and Dorie, and Gen. Fogleman (sorry if I got all formal on you there, Ron) and Miss Jane escorted the Chief and his wife to the dining room, where the hotel put on a dazzling prime rib dinner for us.

Charlie led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and P.K. did, I thought, a fine job on the invocation prayer as Bill Douglass emceed the short program preceeding the excellent meal!  (I am not ordinarily a huge prime rib fan, but this one was about as good as I've had.  The hotel sales manager, a retired chef, spent two full days marinating and slowly cooking almost one-hundred pounds of the best prime rib money can buy!)
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Following the meal, Bill introduced Max Moga and Bud presented our great Misty friend with a beautiful Misty wooden disk.  [Provided by Joe Caruso.]  To say that Max was quite moved would be a serious understatement!
Bud did his usual great job of loosening up the troops, then introduced Gen. Schwartz who delivered a short, but interesting talk on the current state of things in the Air Force and the military in general.  Nothing controversial, as some seemed to expect, but about what I had anticipated.  He is obviously a genuine intellect.  I can understand why he was chosen.  Trying to manage all the fiscal problems facing the USAF must be a mind-boggling job.  I thought it quite a compliment to Misty for the Chief to attend and honor the group with his presence. Click for a larger picture

The hospitality suite was packed following the dinner.  A good time for all.

The Saturday seafood buffet was moved indoors.  A rather blustery wind sprang up as not one, but two, fronts flashed through the Destin area.

After dinner Bud was presented with a stained glass Misty roundel emblazoned with "Misty 1."  (The beautiful piece was donated by a Vietnam era F-100 crew chief.)
Later, the arrival of a "deceased insect" clearly indicated the need for a few rules revisions:
   1) For Bob Blocher, and anyone else on oxygen, touching the floor should/will suffice!
   2) For anyone with impaired mobility, see above!
   3) In the future we're sitting Chris Kellum next to Dean Echenberg!
Ray and Dick
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The Future:  The 2011 Misty Reunion will again be in Destin as we all agreed.  The star of the show will be the F-35 Lightning II.  [The worldwide Lightning schoolhouse will be at Eglin AFB!]  More to follow!

We had a large crowd... one of the largest I can remember... if you didn't make it this year, make plans now for the regular 2011 Misty Reunion.  And... Consider these mini-reunions in 2010:  the Goodfellow Dedication for Bud and Leo Thorsness in May, the Reno Air Races in September, and the European Barge Cruise in October!  Click on the underlined words to send an e-mail for more information.

Cheers to all... and chek6...
Jack Doub
Misty 145
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  All pictures courtesy of Joe Caruso.  Thanks, Joe.

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